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By cyan

On 29, Oct 2012 | In | By cyan


  • Project: Stansted Airport Arrivals Extension (STEX)
  • Client: BAA
  • Architect: Pascal + Watson
  • Project Value: £2.5M

Our works were to construct the walls and ceilings for the new retail units, WCs, secure and interview rooms and arrivals corridors.  Steel frame posts and columns with lattice beams connecting units to each other were built and the roofing was completed in plywood deck.  An integrated handrail encased in plasterboard around the perimeter constructed using the steel posts and lattice beams being extended up were required.

Works included both airside and landside operations whilst the airport was still fully operational. Continued liaison with Mace and BAA ensured good relations were maintained throughout the project.  Special attention was paid when working within main public thoroughfares, not only with material movement and construction, but also with noise and interaction.  Again, liaising with airport authorities with regards to busy times i.e. planes landing.

Detailed works involved the retail front high level signage fascia. This was essentially curved but had approximately five different radii to form a large elliptical shape, rather than one even/continual circle. This also had four different levels of raised fascia and was originally designed as a joinery item but we were asked to construct out of plasterboard and requested to tie it in to become part of the upstand handrail part of the perimeter.